Karen Kingsbury – When Joy Came To Stay

Karen Kingsbury – When Joy Came To Stay is a standalone novel by the New York Times bestselling author.

This story had a publication date of September 15, 2006.

When Joy Came To Stay book description

Maggie Stovall is trapped inside a person she’s spent years carefully crafting. Now the truth about who she is — and what she’s done — is bursting to the surface and sending Maggie into a spiral of despair.

Will she walk away from everything, or can Maggie allow God to take her to a place of ultimate honesty — before it’s too late?

Maggie Stovall.

One of the golden people. She has it all together. At least on the surface…

Ben Stovall.

Godly husband. Successful attorney. Has no idea of the darkness about to overtake his life…

Amanda Joy.

Child of society. Abused, broken, thrown away. But her trust in God is still alive…

When Joy Came to Stay is the heart-wrenching story of one woman’s descent into the shadows of depression, her husband’s search for understanding, and a precious child’s unwavering faith.

Karen Kingsbury When Joy Came To Stay

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