Karen Kingsbury – Maggie’s Miracle

Karen Kingsbury – Maggie’s Miracle is the second novel¬†in the Red Gloves series and was her 19th book¬†overall.

This story had a publication date of October 14, 2003.

Maggie’s Miracle book description

Megan Wright spent one unforgettable summer week with a boy when they were both teens. And despite a lifetime of heartache and bad choices, she has never let go of his magical definition of love, even if she has trouble believing in it.

After college Megan settled for a relationship of convenience. Now she’s a high powered attorney and, after the death of her husband two years ago, has been looking for help with her lonely young son.

Across town, Casey Cummins is still dealing with the tragic loss of his wife. His search for meaning and hope leads him to contact the Manhattan Children’s Organization, who connects him with a fatherless child.

Life suddenly takes a series of unusual twists, and soon Megan will learn that the teenage boy from all those years ago actually kept his promise, and the miracle she prayed for as a girl is only a breath away.

Karen Kingsbury Maggie's Miracle

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