Karen Kingsbury – Go Ahead And Dream

Karen Kingsbury – Go Ahead And Dream is one of the author’s children’s stories and was co-authored by Alex Smith and illustrated by Greg Banning.

This book was released on August 27, 2013.

Go Ahead And Dream book description

New York Times bestselling inspirational author Karen Kingsbury teams up with NFL quarterback Alex Smith to deliver a heartwarming story about never giving up on your dreams — even when setbacks seem too big to overcome.

Alex and his best friend, Bobby, have high hopes for their futures. They may only be in grade school, but Alex dreams of throwing touchdown passes in the NFL, while Bobby fantasizes about soaring above the clouds as a pilot. But as they make moves to follow their dreams, trials arise that could deter them.

With a little encouragement from Alex’s grandfather and a lot of dedication, they learn to never give up on their dreams, no matter how big and unreachable they may seem.

With illustrations by Greg Banning, Smith’s account of his life as a boy is paired perfectly with Kingsbury’s signature uplifting words.

This encouraging picture book will inspire readers to give their all, try their hardest, and… go ahead and dream!

Karen Kingsbury Go Ahead And Dream

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