Karen Kingsbury – Far Flutterby

Karen Kingsbury – Far Flutterby is one of the author’s children’s books and was illustrated by Jennifer A Bell.

This story was published on January 31, 2012.

Far Flutterby book description

“I wonder,” he said, as he inched up a tree, “If there’s more to this life than just branches and leaves.”

Once in the land of Better-Than-Brown lived Cody the Caterpillar, down on the ground.

His life he found boring; he wanted much more; then a message of hope told him he would soon soar.

A place called Far Flutterby – it just couldn’t be! He thought, That’s only a dream for a small one like me.

But God has a plan filled with wondrous things, and Cody would find that through hard times come wings.

Karen Kingsbury Far Flutterby

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