Karen Kingsbury – Even Now

Karen Kingsbury’s Even Now is the first book in the novelist’s Lost Love series.

This story was published on December 9, 2005.

Even Now book description

Shane Galanter is ready to put down roots after years of searching. But is he making the right choice? Or is there a woman somewhere who remembers a love that hasn’t faded with time?

Lauren Gibbs is a successful international war correspondent who gave up on happily-ever-after years ago — when it was ripped away from her. So why is life so empty?

Emily Anderson is a college freshman raised by her grandparents, about to take her first internship as a journalist. But before she can move ahead, she discovers a love story whose tragic ending came with her birth.

As a result, she is drawn to look back and search out the mother she’s never met, and the father she never knew.

With hallmark tenderness and power, Karen Kingsbury weaves a tapestry of life, loss, love, faith — and the miracle of resurrection.

Karen Kingsbury Even Now

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