Karen Kingsbury – Be Safe Little Boy

Karen Kingsbury – Be Safe Little Boy is a gift book that’s aimed at mothers who have sons.

The publication date of this book was May 1, 2006.

Be Safe Little Boy book description

The relationship I share with my sons – Tyler, Sean, Josh, EJ, and Austin – is a very special one.

For every moment I spend cuddling with them and reading to them, playing with them and sharing closeness, I am always mindful of my calling to take a step back and let my little boys become young men.

Boys are rough and tumble. They wrestle hard and play hard and often they are ready to suit up for a game or take the wheel of the car long before we’re ready to let them go. This thought played in my heart as I wrote Be Safe Little Boy.

This emotional look at mothers and sons is my way of reminding myself, again, of my role in mothering my boys. Love them long and close, yes. Build bonds that will last forever, always. But be willing to take a step back, pray without ceasing, and let them grow up.

I pray you find a closer walk in your own relationships as you read.

Karen Kingsbury Be Safe Little Boy

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